Why Futures?

Strategic thinking is crucial for any organization who wants to thrive  following its purpose. The world is increasingly complex, uncertain and everything changes at a pace that has never been so fast, that’s why strategic thinking is not something you can store away in a document. It is strictly related to anticipatory thinking, it is something you need to exercise, test and adjust.

We help you develop anticipatory behavior, so that you can use the future in the actual decision making process. We help you increase your organization agency encouraging a collective vision through a co-creation process.

We invite you to experience possible futures not to predict what will come, but to learn to be prepared.

Why Experiential?

Experience is the only teacher we can trust. We give you the alibi to suspend disbelief and experience futures in an incredibly vivid and immersive way.

Immersive realities and play are key to make space for emerging behaviors, sense-making processes, experiments and prototypes, helping you better understand your current reality.

“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and the lesson afterwards”

Oscar Wilde

We blend design and anticipatory behavior to let you understand what could be, its advantages, risks and ethical consequences, no matter you’re creating a strategy, venture, service or product.

Combining experience design, narratives and immersive play we create a unique environment – that honors complexity – in which you can safely explore alternative futures and experiment with them,  collecting insights essential to ensure your organization a bright, sustainable and purposeful future no matter how uncertain the times!

What We Do

Live, Online & Hybrid

  • Worldbuilding.
  • Exploration and sensemaking of complex contexts through immersive narratives.
  • Scenario development.
  • Diegetic prototypes.
  • Immersive design workshops.
  • Transmedia storytelling.

Your Gains

  • Achieve resilience and adaptability as an organization.
  • Bring out and face ethical themes related to design and technological solutions to come.
  • Move from possible futures to preferable ones.
  • Develop “what if” thinking.
  • Reach simple guiding principles that will allow you to decide fast whatever future  will come.

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